The Record Label

Laid Back Records, is more than just a Record Label

Laid Back Records is and Independent Record Company, working with creative and aspiring artists to create, record, produce, and licence new singles/albums and re-issuing back catalogues, with some digital and some physical albums.

We welcome partnerships with other labels, so if you are interested, our contact details can be found below.

Talent Scouting

We launched Europe’s 1st ever UK’s “British Asian Talent Show” in 2009, known as BritAsia SuperStar, which aired on Sky, channel 833, for three series.

Nightclub Events

Our artists have performed at a range of nightclub events across Europe, North America, and India. Take a look at some of the events we’ve played at.

Artist Management

As an independent Record Label, we aspire to work closely with our artists providing them with creative control, supporting them to, ultimately, become a worldwide brand.