• Pop-Star Experience

Treat yourself and a friend to the Pop-Star experience and record your vocals to your favourite song in our state of the art recording studio.  This is the perfect gift for anyone looking to have some fun or simply want to have a go at singing in a professional recording studio

We invite all ages to come into our studio, you don’t have to be a professional singer it’s all about having fun, and the experience!

What’s included?

  • 1 song recording of your choice
  • Vocal mix and master
  • Photos taken of you in the studio and recording booth
  • USB stick loaded with final recording and photos of your experience
  • Up to 2 hours studio time
  • You will have 365 days for the voucher to be booked

Just follow the simple steps below to start your studio experience

  • Step_1

    Book a date

    Book your experience through our online booking system, Gift Voucher valid for 365 days

  • Step_2

    Come to the Studio

    Attend your experience where you will be greeted by one of our sound engineers who will work with you to create the magic

  • Step_3

    Let’s record

    The exciting bit….You are now ready to sing your song

  • Step_4

    Let’s mix your track

    Your sound engineer will mix and master your track, fine tuning the track to a professional standard

  • Step_5

    Your track is ready

    You walk away with a fully mastered track and photos

For any further information, call us on 01332 417755 or whatsApp 07796 386276
You can also email info@laidback.ltd