Laid Back Ltd. More than just a Recording Studio…

We’re not like your standard recording studio. With the tools and techniques available,
we are able to provide a range of packages and deals to help you achieve your goals.

1. Start with just a recording studio booking to record your vocals or an audio book, you may want to record an advert or even a pod cast. The studio is  designed with the state of the art sound proofing to allow for a unique professional experience: Book today through LAIDBACK STUDIOS

2. From corporate testimonials to music and training videos, you may only want a social media show reel or a complete music video with credits. The equipment used allows for the latest AI technology to be applied at the clients request from basic 4k videos to anamorphic film and cinematic videos through LAIDBACK VISUALS

3. No we are not just a record label, we are a management service that helps artist understand the basics of becoming an artist in the music industry. Helping them set up their royalties and shows. We collaborate with industry experts to get the latest information to share will our clients. You can release with us or independently to find out more go through LAIDBACK RECORDS.